By Hannah Jones

We removed Bezophenone from our polishes, here's why....

Benzophenone is a chemical that has been used in cosmetic products, personal care product and used mostly in nail polishes and enamel ever since they were invented. Benzophenone is used for absorbing and protecting these products against harmful UV rays that can deteriorate the products and discolour them.  

However, in August 2018, the Canadian Government carried out an assessment on the ingredient Benzophenone in cosmetic products. The results stated that Benzophenone can contribute towards carcinogenicity and kidney toxicity with nail polish having high concentrations and critical exposure of this chemical. It concludes that benzophenone meets the criteria under paragraph 64(c) of Cepa, which relates to danger to human health. But does not meet the criteria under paragraphs 64(a) or 64(b), which relate to danger to the environment.

Other research conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has proven that Benzophenone has been linked to breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer and human placental tissue. However, it is still being used around the world and considered as a harmless chemical, if not a good one that protects against UV sunrays.

Benzophenone is still being used in nail polish around the world but upon reading this research and having an understanding on the danger of these toxics, we wanted to reduce these harmful toxics in our products. Especially for people who are exposed to these chemicals on a daily basis such as nail technicians or people who are obsessed with painting their nails, who are at risk of developing serious health risks if benzophenone continues to be used in nail products.

So, true to our word, we eliminated this chemical from our products to make nail polishes that are as healthy and non-toxic as possible.

Be choosing Hanami nail care products and polishes, you can rest easy knowing we have your best interests at heart - it's our aim to make products that are as harmless to you as they are to the environment, which means less for you to worry about!

(*please note, our 7-free range which is still being phased out in some shades still contains Benzophenone, though we are 99% through this stock now - if you would like us to double check that you are receiving our Ten-Free range in your order please email us so that we can be sure to double check this for you :))


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