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Hi wonderful human, I’m Hannah

Founder and Chief of All Things at Hanami.

I’m a naturopath, feminist, introvert, nature loving, mum to two small people and closet collector of salt and pepper shakers. I grew up on Tommeginne land in Tasmania, with a strong connection to the earth and animals, and passion for not causing unnecessary harm.

How it started. The women in my family have always been interested in natural medicine, nutrition and health. So, for nearly 10 years, I worked as a naturopath in clinics and pharmacies before moving into managing health food stores. And it always struck me how plain and serious the natural beauty products that hit the shelves were. There was nothing that ever really appealed to me as a colour lover who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but who is also passionate about good quality, non toxic, cruelty-free products. So, I guess I had to create it. Bring on the fun and the bold, I say! And that’s how Hanami was born... 

How it’s going. What started out as a range of six nail polishes named after some of my favourite hit songs (umm hello, April Sun in Cuba), has morphed into a range of over 65 shades as well as lipsticks, makeup removers, BB creams and more! Turns out I’m not the only one who was keen to see bright and bold cosmetics that don’t compromise your ethics.

I love the Hanami community, I’m so proud of what we’ve created and I hope our products fill you with the same sense of joy, fun, and goodness that went into creating them. 

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Favourite autumn shade: ‘Octopus Garden’.

Favourite all time classic: ‘Flame Trees

Favourite pick me up shade: ‘Junie

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