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By Hannah Jones

What your nails might be trying to tell you

Have you ever been to a naturopath? If you have, you may have found that they spent some time looking at your nails and writing notes about them 🧐

That's because nails happen to be great at showing us an overall picture of health. Clever little things!

Before Hanami was born, I practiced as a naturopath for many years, and nail analysis became second nature to me. Changes in nail colour, texture, or growth, can indicate nutritional deficiencies, excess stress, and other medical conditions.

Some common conditions to look out for if you spot them on your nails:

Soft Weak Nails - this can be caused by overexposure to mositure or chemicals (ie. acetone based removers, detergents) but they can also indicate a deficiency in B vitamins, calcium, iron, or fatty acids.

White Spots - usually points to a zinc or silica deficiency, but can also be caused by excessive sugar consumption, fungal infection or physical damage to the nail.

Peeling - this can be the result of too little or too much moisture, but may also indicate an iron or biotin deficiency.

Brittle Nails - usually caused by repeated wetting & drying (and the use of hand sanitiser), but this can also indicate low iron, and an under-active thyroid.

Ridges - common with ageing (and often benign) but if accompanied by digestive complaints it can point to a deeper problem of absorption and assimilation of nutrients.

No Half-Moon - they could just be hidden under your skin, but if they do seem to have disappeared, it could be a sign of a deficiency in vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, and B12.

Interesting hey!

If you're feeling concerned about something you're seeing on your nails it's best to book in with your naturopath (or GP) to discuss your health in depth, and get a blood test!


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