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By Hannah Jones

A DIY pedicure in 6 easy steps

Have you scheduled in some time for self-care this weekend? I highly recommend kicking things off with a DIY pedicure, and here's how in 6 easy steps...
1. Create a vibe
Light some candles, pour a glass of wine, pop your fave Spotify playlist on, and find yourself a cosy spot (whether it's the bathroom, lounge, or outdoor deck) to chill while you're giving your feet some love
2. Time to soak
Fill the bathtub, footbath (or even a laundry bucket will do), with enough warm water to reach your ankles, and add a dash of natural soap or body wash. While you soak one foot, leave the other foot out to remove any old nail polish, and then switch-a-roo
3. Scrub the week away 
Use your fave foot scrub all over your feet, between your toes, and up to your ankle. If you don't have a foot scrub on hand, you can make one using just olive oil, epsom salt and poppy seeds - or use a pumice stone.
4. Clip, Clip
Dry your feet and trim the toe nails straight across with nail clippers.
5. Nourish & hydrate 
Massage your feet (working in between the toes, and around the ankle) with a moisturiser high in shea butter, coconut, and/or vitamin E. If you have a cuticle oil (Hanami 'Rescue Me' is perfect for this step) use this on each toe and massage around and in to the nail bed.
6. Polish to perfection 
Now is your toe's time to shine, literally! You can use a toe separator if you have one, or a piece of tissue (rolled up length-wise and woven between the toes) also does the trick. Apply a base coat, 2 coats of colour, and a top coat to seal the deal - waiting 5 minutes between every coat before applying the next.
Hey, your feet look AMAZING! And I bet you feel pretty relaxed now too.

Photo via @sheridynfisher, who knows how it's done💓


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