By Hannah Jones

How to find the right blush for your skin tone?

First world problem, but picking the right blush for your skin tone can be one heck of a challenge. There's so many shades on the market, but knowing your skin tone is key to finding a shade that works perfectly for you. 

We've broken these down into 4 main skin tone groups: fair skin, medium skin, olive skin and dark skin. 

Here's you guide to picking the perfect shade for your pretty cheeks:


The key to blush on fair skin is 'lighter is better', keep it natural looking with very soft pink tones.

Choose a soft pink, similar to the colour on the inside of your lip. If you have very fair porcelain skin steer clear of 'orange' shades, you just want to give your cheeks a 'subtle flush' look. 

The key is light application. Too much product will create a harsh finish. 

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This is the most common skin tone, and your best bets are rosey pinks and deep peach tones. 

Some medium skin tones are already warm, so they only need slight enhancement.

Apricot is fresh, flattering and subtle, and allows you to go bolder with the rest of your makeup.

Keep away from bluish undertones, these can end up making your cheeks looked a little bruised, which is unlikely to be the effect you were trying to achieve. 

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Olive skin has a green undertone, which can make finding the right blush a little tricky, but as a general rule, always pick 'warm' tones.

Rose and peach colours balance out green tones, lending warmth to brighten up the complexion, especially in the winter months. 

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Rose, deep orange, and brown are ideal blush colours for dark skin.

A common mistake is picking a shade that is too light, which can make your skin look washed out.  

Target the apples of your cheek 

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