By Hannah Jones

6 Beauty Brands Owned By Aboriginal Women

Using centuries-old Indigenous Australian ingredients in their skincare and haircare, these 6 beauty brands are also owned and operated by Aboriginal women across Australia and well worth checking out.

Indigiearth - from soaps, to teas, hand sanitisers, skincare and native superfoods, you'll find it made by Indigiearth! They have won multiple awards for their incredible formulas using native botanicals and ingredients. 

Dilkara Australia- specialising in haircare, formulated by owner Julie a hairdresser for over 25 years - full of active native ingredients, and the 1st native haircare line on the Australian market.

Juddarnje - Juddarnje first started with a batch of original hand-made soap, and has since expanded to include creams, lotions and balms, all created with the same philosophy; 'keep it natural'. 

Bush Medijina - Using recipes passed down by their mothers, aunties and grandmothers, Bush Medijina hand-make their skincare products, harvesting local bush produce and combining with natural and sustainable ingredients sourced from the most reputable suppliers across Australia.

Kakadu Tiny Tots creates authentic aboriginal clothing, accessories, artwork and organic skincare uniquely handcrafted in remote indigenous communities in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Native Secrets - created as a way to reignite old conversations and preserve generational knowledge. Along the way, Native Secrets also discovered a way to reinvigorate small ecosystems by managing overgrown populations of white cypress!

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Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.


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